Newegg Now Accepts Meme Cryptocurrency Dogecoin To Buy PC Parts


Newegg Now Accepts Meme Cryptocurrency Dogecoin To Buy PC Parts

Dogecoin saw a recent surge in its valuation largely thanks to celebrities like Elon Musk.

PC Prices Coming Down? Low Hash Rate Mining 3080 Ti Incoming? (live)

PC Price watch May 2021. As CPUs, DDR4 ram, power suppies and other PC parts start to normalize, there is only one ship left to steer the boat towards normal GPU prices, and that is the GPU prices, and with mining profits dropping, miners are surely starting to get nervous.

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El Gato Wave 3, Great Mic for streaming and voice work:

Links to parts we have featured.
0:00 A black screen output can sometimes be your camera (fixing issues)
2:42 mining profitability is starting to drop even further. point of inflection soon?
4:00 The Altcoin argument.
7:48 the Cyberpower PC guy story
9:35 Ryzen 5000 series finally coming back in stock. Price watch on decent priced PC Parts
14:54 Story of my brother going FOMO
19:01 The insider’s edge
21:45 The LHR, low hash rate mining from Nvidia, this time it will work?
31:47 Do you think we will see a $150-200 USD priced graphics card soon?
34:00 Code 43 on a GPU how to fix?
34:23 What skincare do you use? (lol)
40:05 GPU prices coming down?
41:40 Ducktales inflation, how to live through hyperinflation?
42:32 AMD switching from PGA to LGA? Why they are really doing it.
45:30 Sneaker bots and scalpers to take over the 3080 ti Launch?
47:00 Do you think inflation on laptops of 10% is here to stay?
57:04 Will house prices come down? Emotional benefits of holding real assets vs stocks etc.
1:05:14 Do you hat e GPU miners?

Links to products
5600x back to normal:
DDR4 16GB:
500W PSU:
120GB SSD:

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Dogecoin News: SafeMoon update, NewEgg accepts Doge, What is Radio Mining?

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Dogecoin: Explained

Dogecoin might not be so bad after all.

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FlareDaily – NewEgg Accepts Doge for Payments – FlareNetwork Glossary – CSC Swap – New NFT

Flare Daily
Episode #011

Go over Spark (FLR), XRP and Dogecoin on Bitrue

NewEgg Announced they will start accepting Dogecoin as a payment method.

Quick look at the FlareNetwork Glossary and some Airdrop info

If you own CasinoCoin make the Swap with the CasinoCoin Wallet and Xumm

I show off my NEW NFT and announce that I am working on my own NFT’s


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